Men for Christ
First and foremost I would like to thank Egypt ChristiAn Church for their willingness to host our meeting this month. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances that have developed over the last couple of weeks concerning the COVID19 virus, the leadership has made the decision it would be in the best interest of all attendees that we CANCEL this month’s meeting. We have had discussion with people from the medical field and their recommendation was to cancel this month. Some things to know: Don’t panic but be aware of your participation in the things you do especially if you are over the age of 50. This group seems to be at a higher risk. Wash hands often and if sick avoid groups of people or gatherings. Last but not least, God is still in control. Pray continually that this disease is passing and the ones that are affected receive peace and recovery. Pray for Medical Doctors and Nurses that are fighting to combat this illness as they do not get an option to take the day off. As always, God is the great physician and almighty and will see us through this difficult time with prayers and thanksgiving in Jesus name. Again thank you to Egypt. I know there has been a lot of preparation and thought into this month’s meeting and the committee truly appreciates your effort and time.
Your Brother in Christ
J.R. Donahue, Chairman



• REPORT FROM CROSSROADS .—John Parkey, Minister
• In January 2020 we averaged 575 in attendance and had one Sunday over 700.
• We just hired another full-time staff who started first of January. Collin Patterson, who graduated from Cincinnati Christian, will oversee high school ministry and help
with our small groups ministry.
• Our building…new roof is now on and outside facade is framed and ready. All other work will be halted until we get the state to approve and stamp the plans. We had some hang ups along the way so our timeline for completion obviously keeps changing. We originally thought late spring/early summer. Now looks like late summer, early fall for completion.
• In January we launched our first Financial Peace University class
• We also just launched our partnership with a village in Guatemala called El Reparo through an organization called Children’s Hope Chest. This is also a venture with Jeremy Willis and Journey Christian Church. Jeremy and I went down to Guatemala two weeks ago. This is our first Global Missions partnership as a church

Men for Christ Responds to Needs

As stated in our Bylaws, one of our purposes is to provide temporary financial assistance to older established churches. In August, Christ Church of Winchester and Cornerstone Christian Church of Winchester requested assistance for needed improvements to their facilities. To encourage the active participation of members of the congregations, Men for Christ voted to provide matching funds from the General Fund up to $20,000 each toward the cost of improvements. Both congregations are responding to the challenge!



Anytime we belong to or participate in an organization, including Men for Christ, I believe we have a responsibility to learn about that group. Recent events have demonstrated an increased need for a review by those of us who are involved in MFC. The following sections attempt to answer some common questions about Men for Christ.


Among a list of faithful men with a heart for Men for Christ was the late Curtis Votaw of Harrodsburg. In 1994 his faithful presence, commitment and prayerful generosity led to his history-making bequest of over $2 million to Men for Christ to establish a perpetual trust fund. However, the trust funds are restricted to first mortgage loans to churches for buildings, additions to existing church buildings or other church-related facilities. No one church may receive a loan for more than 10% of the current value of the trust. Currently loans are available up to a maximum of $330,000. Applications for a Votaw Trust Loan may be made by contacting the Chairman of the Votaw Loan Committee, Allan Courtwright.


The General Fund of Men for Christ is the “operating” account. The only sources of funds are individual member contributions and contributions from member congregations. The General Fund is the only source of funds for launching new congregations, temporary assistance to struggling churches, and all other expenses incurred in achieving the goals of Men for Christ.


The Emergency/Special Needs Fund is funded by 10% of the net yearly interest from the Votaw Trust Fund. This fund is designed to cover needs created by weather damage, flood damage, earthquake damage, fire damage or other types of natural disasters.


Elected by the general body, the Executive Committee consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six directors. All business coming before the organization is referred to this committee for study and recommendation. The Executive Committee has complete charge of the business of the organization and may bring recommendations to the general body for approval.