TO: Men for Christ Congregations
FROM: Charles Young, Chairman
DATE: April 10, 2019
SUBJECT: Encouragement

This memo is designed to encourage men to participate in the monthly meetings of Men for Christ. You may be familiar with the history and activities of this highly successful church-planting organization, but for various reasons have not attended regularly. If not familiar with our organization, I encourage you to take a look!

Organized in 1952, Men for Christ has a distinguished history of establishing new congregations and of providing temporary assistance to established congregations.

Monthly meetings (except December) are held at various host churches. These meetings provide a time of fellowship and worship with men from area congregations. Although distances to our hosts may vary from your home site, I encourage you to look at our schedule of meetings for the remainder of 2019 and select those meetings which are closest to you. A Distance Chart is provided for the approximate mileage to our monthly host churches.

If you would like additional information about Men for Christ, please contact me at: cw.young@windstream.net or call 270-766-9655. The members of the Executive Committee are anxious to assist you.

Men for Christ has accomplished much since 1952 and plans to continue support for existing works and the launching of new congregations. If you are not currently actively involved, I urge you to attend a meeting and check it out. We need you to join us in our mission:

To Promote Christian Fellowship and the Strengthening and
Establishment of Churches after the New Testament Pattern.