Article 2 of our Bylaws states our purpose(s):
A. Establish new congregations
B. Hold monthly meetings for the purpose of Christian fellowship and mutual edification in Christ
C. Promote and execute specific Christian activities after the general pattern set forth in the New Testament.

For those who have regularly attended the meetings this year, you may have noticed that there have been no major actions presented by the Executive Committee. MFC has not established any new congregations nor is it currently providing financial assistance to any congregation. We do not take specific action each month in achieving these two purposes. However, our purpose related to “monthly meetings” promoting “Christian fellowship” and “edification in Christ” should be our goal for every meeting.

The current pause in activities related to new and established works gives us an opportunity to build our General Fund resources for the next opportunities which will surely come our way.

In the meantime, let’s concentrate on the other purpose of Christian fellowship by participating in great meals, spirited song services and meaningful worship services. The Executive Committee is currently focused on encouraging attendance and participation by congregations who do not regularly attend our meetings. You can play a vital role in this endeavor. You know if your neighboring congregation is not attending. So, reach out to them. Invite them to share a ride with you to the next meeting.

GOAL: At the next meeting, meet at least one person you do not know!
—Charles Young, Chairman