Anytime we belong to or participate in an organization, including Men for Christ, I believe we have a responsibility to learn about that group. Recent events have demonstrated an increased need for a review by those of us who are involved in MFC. The following sections attempt to answer some common questions about Men for Christ.


Among a list of faithful men with a heart for Men for Christ was the late Curtis Votaw of Harrodsburg. In 1994 his faithful presence, commitment and prayerful generosity led to his history-making bequest of over $2 million to Men for Christ to establish a perpetual trust fund. However, the trust funds are restricted to first mortgage loans to churches for buildings, additions to existing church buildings or other church-related facilities. No one church may receive a loan for more than 10% of the current value of the trust. Currently loans are available up to a maximum of $330,000. Applications for a Votaw Trust Loan may be made by contacting the Chairman of the Votaw Loan Committee, Allan Courtwright.


The General Fund of Men for Christ is the “operating” account. The only sources of funds are individual member contributions and contributions from member congregations. The General Fund is the only source of funds for launching new congregations, temporary assistance to struggling churches, and all other expenses incurred in achieving the goals of Men for Christ.


The Emergency/Special Needs Fund is funded by 10% of the net yearly interest from the Votaw Trust Fund. This fund is designed to cover needs created by weather damage, flood damage, earthquake damage, fire damage or other types of natural disasters.


Elected by the general body, the Executive Committee consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six directors. All business coming before the organization is referred to this committee for study and recommendation. The Executive Committee has complete charge of the business of the organization and may bring recommendations to the general body for approval.


2018 Meeting Notes

Date Location Speaker Congregations Represented Total Attendance
January 22 McKinney Christian Bill Welker 25 102
February 26 Columbia Christian Fred Mitchell 26 131
March 26 Egypt Christian Justin Boyd 28 155
April 23 First Christian Elizabethtown Bob Russell 33 192
May 21 Indian Hills Christian Doug Martin 25 120
June 25 Mackville Christian Joe Earl Brown 25 118
July 23 Russell Springs Christian John Davis 26 130
August 27 Glendale Christian Jeremy Willis 25 135

2017 Meeting Notes

Date Location Speaker Congregations
January 23 McKinney Christian Jason “Bucky” Walters 24 124
February 27 Columbia Christian Dr. Tom Mobley 31 149
March 27 Woodlawn Christian Greg Comp 24 132
April 24 White Mills Christian Paul Patton 24 121
May 22 Moreland Christian John Parkey 23 123
June 26 Mackville Christian Pat Massie 24 111
July 24 Rolling Fork Christia Terry Cooper 24 135
August 28 Jamestown Christian Lance Ladd 26 138
September 25 Glenview Christian Dr. David Faust 23 108
October 23 Campbellsville Christian Bryan Hay 23 119
November 27 Journey Christian Joe Hatchett 20 90
Av. 24 Av. 123

More Recent Plantings

StreetSignIn 2009, the leadership of North Bullitt Christian Church had a vision of planting a new congregation in Shepherdsville. A number of members expressed a willingness to serve as a core group for the new work. The Salt River Men’s Fellowship and Men for Christ signed on as supporting partners.
Bro. Jeremy Willis was hired and was on the field June 1, 2010. Under the leadership of Bro. Jeremy, Journey Christian Church launched on October 10, 2010, meeting in the Shepherdsville Elementary School. The congregation has continued to grow not only in numbers but also in their participation in community activities. Although the school served well as a meeting place, it was time to move. The congregation held their first service in their new location at 416 South Buckman Street in Shepherdsville on Sunday, December 22. There were 189 in attendance–a new record for the young congregation! WorshipMen for Christ has been involved both in prayer support and financial support since 2010 and recently contributed $30,000 to assist with the expenses of preparing the new home. We pray for their continued growth and efforts to lead people closer to Christ.
All building renovations are complete. Since moving into the new space, attendance has been running a little over 400 with attendance of 440 on February 7, 2016. The congregation is appreciative of the assistance provided by Men for Christ.

Journey Christian received a Votaw Loan from Men for Christ and will purchase the building which has been their home. EASTER SUNDAY, 2017: MORE THAN 1,000 WERE IN ATTENDANCE.

A Few Early Church Works

Owensboro Christian Church was established in 1953 and was the first “new church” aided by Men for Christ. They soon became self-supporting.

Magnolia Street Christian Church in Harrodsburg was established in 1952. In 1956 Men For Christ began giving aid and by 1958 the building was dedicated and the congregation was self-supporting.

Southern Heights Christian Church in Somerset began meeting in September, 1974 at the YMCA. The building was started in the fall of 1976 and occupied in June, 1977.

West Side Christian Church in Liberty came into existence in 1959 meeting in the local high school. In the same year land was purchased, a basement constructed, and in 1963 the main structure was completed.

Mannsville Christian Church was established in 1958. Men for Christ gave aid in its infant years until the congregation became self-supporting.

Community Christian Church in London was organized in 1969. A building was erected and dedicated in 1974.

Greensburg Christian Church was established in 1959 and met for fourteen months in a rented residence.

Indian Hills Christian Church in Danville was started in 1961. In 1964 a parsonage was built and used for worship and Sunday School until March 1969 when they moved into their sanctuary. The basement of the parsonage was still used for Sunday School and Scouts until 1976 when they began using all of it for Sunday School and offices.

Bowling Green Christian Church came into existence in 1962, but it was 1963 before Men for Christ was able to provide financial assistance.

Glenview Christian Church in Glasgow began in 1968. They met in a store-front until December 1973 when they occupied their sanctuary.

Lebanon Christian Church was planted in 1977 with Bro. Claude Waldridge as minister.

Life Bridge Christian Church in Louisville was partially funded by Men for Christ, and is succeeding in its outreach efforts. Services began for this new plant on March 27, 2005 after months of a small group Bible study. More than 100 attended the first service. David Cordrey was the church planter for this new congregation that meets adjacent to the campus of Louisville Bible College.

Russellville Christian Church is located in Logan County, which boasts a population of over 27,000. This new congregation held their first services on November 6, 2005. Brent Crabtree, a graduate of the Master’s program at Johnson Bible College, directed this planting.